OrgaPlus Rich Yet Light-Weight Skin Navigator Serum+ | Review

My inner esthetician always makes sure that I put skincare before makeup. A good skincare routine is vital in order to get your makeup looking right. Consistently putting makeup on dirty skin will eventually create this never ending snowball effect of clogged pores, break outs and acne. I advise all my readers to make sure you get a steady skin care routine down, because you’re going to be living in your skin for a very long time!!

Last week I received a package from a company called OrgaPlus and I’m super excited to share with you their serum called “Rich Yet Light-Weight Skin Navigator Serum+.” I needed a new serum to throw into my skin care routine and this one is amazing! It’s produced to serve all skin types- and it is free of 6 types of parabens, contains no mineral oil, and no artificial coloring! Artificial coloring is linked directly to serious skin irritations,- so sensitive skin people like myself could very much live happily ever after without them. Orga-Plus’ Rich Yet Light-Weight Skin Navigator Serum+ has many, many other key benefits.

Key Benefits

There are so many different serums out there made for all skin types and various skin concerns. I love that this serum is built to target a couple different skin concerns for any skin type. The serum is also made to be beneficial for the skin during any weather season. It’s good for your dry, dehydrated skin during the winter and fall- as well as during your more oily months throughout the spring and summer.

Creates An Even Complexion.

The Rich Yet Light-Weight serum is jam packed with a vast group of high-quality ingredients and lipids to work to create a more even complexion, as well as strengthening your natural skin barrier. All of this is done without causing any skin irritation, making it perfect for even those of you who have sensitive skin. I am very picky about serums that reduce appearance  of fine lines, wrinkles or hyper pigmentation because sometimes the formulation can be pretty harsh on the skin. However, this serum goes on silky smooth and leaves my skin with a fresh, clean feel. You know, rather than the “I feel like my first layer of skin has been singed clean off” feel.

Quickens Cell Turnover Process.

The serum is also made with milk protein extracts which aids in the process of cell turnover. Cell turnover is a very important, natural process in which our skin goes through that basically moves “new” cells from the bottom layer of your skin, all the way to the top layer of your skin, and then shedding off. The cell turnover prevents dead skin cells from clogging up your pores and causing break outs. (Thank you, skin and Orga-Plus!)

Preps Your Skin For Makeup.

As I stated earlier in this post, I’m a firm believer that skincare comes before makeup. Life’s G-O-O-D when you have a product like The Rich Yet Light-Weight serum that comes in handy for both your skincare and makeup routines! I’ve been using this serum as a primer before putting on my foundation or tinted moisturizer and I absolutely love it. Not only does my skin feel nourished and hydrated from the perfect blend of hydrated ingredients- but my makeup also basically sticks right to this serum, making my makeup last all day long.

What is a serum in your skin care routine that you can’t seem to go a day without? Skin care is such an important factor in my daily routine, so I may or may not have a slight obsession with buying lots of products I can try out at home. Leave a comment down below!!

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