Milk Chocolate Balayage

Last week I had the pleasure of getting my client, Tori, in my chair for a new change to her natural virgin hair. She was looking for something a little more natural, but “still wanted it noticeable that she went and got her hair done for the first time.” Tori had beautiful, long, thick hair that was very healthy from never touching it with color or lightener before.

Here’s a before photo of the canvas I was working with! We decided our goal was to finish with a caramel-y, milk chocolate balayage. Balayage is the ideal technique for those who want something very low maintenance. Freehand painting of the product, or balayaging, right up to your roots gives you a natural highlight- allowing your roots to grow out without any harsh lines like traditional foiling leaves you after just a few weeks. The photo below shows what the lightener looks like after painting it on.

I freehand painted up to her root using the Kevin Murphy Freestyle.Lightener with my Framar Variety Color Brush Set. I left some pieces of her hair out without lightening them to add more dimension and depth throughout her whole head. She processed for about 20-25 minutes, then we toned the balayage using all J. Beverly Hills color to achieve the milk chocolate finish we were aiming for. Below is the finished result!

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