Every Girl’s Best Friend: Her Planner.

If you’re anything like me, your planner is with you at all times. It’s attached to you everywhere you go, because you’ll never know what might pop into your head to add onto your to do list, and um yes, you do need to physically see in front of you what bills are coming out when in the upcoming month.You also think anyone who is able to use their calendar in their phone to keep track of their lives are aliens. You need a real pen and a real piece of paper in order to remember anything.

This month was the last month left of my 2016-2017 planner. Does anyone else get as excited as I do when it’s time to go new planner shopping? Because same. I usually grab my planners at Target or Walmart, because they’re small and compact enough to fit into my bag. They get the job done! But, yesterday I decided to look at my local TJ Maxx to purchase my next planner and I am literally so happy with it.


This planner isn’t like your ordinary, basic Office Depot planner. This colorful, girly spiral bucket of fun has your weekly calendar, monthly calendar, weekly goals, monthly goals, “birthdays this month” section, anniversaries, a to-do list for every week, and every single page has a positive quote on it. It’s literally everything anyone could ever want in a planner. Here’s 3 important things I keep track of in my planner no matter what-

3 Important Things I Write Down In My Planner

  1. Finances– I always write down when a bill is due, or when an automatic payment is coming through. I also like to keep track of the tips I earn every week at work from my clients, and add it up to keep track of my income.
  2. School Schedule- Since I am in cosmetology school, my hours at school are counted up to 1,000 hours. I have to complete 1,000 hours until I am able to graduate. Keeping track of my hours and my absences are super important. You can also keep track of what assignments are due, upcoming tests, paper due dates, schedule changes, etc.
  3. Work Schedule- Staying on top your work schedule is obviously very important! I always right down my hours, even though I do have a set schedule, just so I know I am busy that day. Writing down when you will be out of work is always a good idea so that you’re aware of your check potentially being shorter than usual.

I was really excited about the goals section. As I said in my last post, it is super important to write down all of your goals in life. (If you haven’t read my recent post: 3 Reasons You Aren’t Achieving Your Goals.)

I’ve put together a few planners I have found online that are very similar to this one I bought yesterday! Where is your favorite planner from? What’s your favorite feature it has? Be sure to leave a comment down below!




    • Artistrybymarissa
      June 5, 2017 / 8:24 pm

      I am the same way! Thanks for reading! xo

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