4 Hidden Gems in Scituate Harbor, Massachusetts.

My boyfriend and I decided to take advantage of this beautiful spring Sunday by taking a little day trip to Scituate Harbor in Scituate, Massachusetts. We have been trying to venture out and around to new places right here in the South Shore while we’re not taking big, long-stay vacations. If you’re from or vacationing in Massachusetts and you’re looking for a relaxing and memorable time out by the ocean- here are 4 hidden gems we found in Scituate Harbor.

  1. TK O’Malley’s Sports Cafe

    Our first stop was a restaurant/pub called TK O’Malley’s. Tyler has been there before and loved it so we decided to pop in for lunch. We ate outside on the patio that overlooked the harbor. Their menu ranges from seafood, burgers, salads, soups and sandwiches- and they are not super pricey. Tyler suggests the Lobster Bisque, and I say go for the Turkey and Bacon Club!
    They also have a nice boardwalk leading out into the harbor that you can take your drinks out on and hangout. There’s seats and bar tables so it’s perfect for a summer night to hangout with your friends! They also frequently have live music playing! And if you’re anything like my boyfriend and I, if there’s live music- count us in. It was overall such a chill, relaxing environment, I will definitely be back during the summer time.

  2. Scituate Music, Co.

    This place was so cool! Tyler and I love music so this was such a fun pit stop on our journey around Scituate. It was FILLED, I mean filled, with all types of instruments, old records, CD’s, tapes, sheet music, equipment, band merchandise, and so much more. This place literally had guitars hanging from every inch of the store, even some on display on the floor. It was a pretty tight squeeze through all the aisles from all of the instruments and boxes, but it was amazing to take my time and look at everything that they have for sale in the shop.

    I spent most of my time looking through the old records, because I am just a dork and I’m so fascinated by how different our technology has evolved. I enjoy looking at all the vintage album art as well. They had boxes on boxes of records, tapes and CD’s to look through. Some of the items are used, but I did find a hand full of old records that still had the plastic on it! So the prices definitely range, but I’m sure you can snag some valuables if you take your time and dig hard enough.

  3. Quench Juicery

    I was so excited when we came across this juice bar. Quench Juicery was tucked away down some random alley way, and we only found it because we were cutting through to walk back to the car. We saw the sign and popped in. As soon as I heard them playing Stick Figure I knew I was going to fall in love with this place. This place makes all natural juices, smoothies and acai bowls made from different fruits, vegetables and herbs. I am a strong believer in the power of nature over medicine and I’ve always wanted to try juicing to heal my body naturally. They had such a large selection of juices and smoothies made naturally right there in the shop.

    My eye was caught when I read the Dottie Detox and the “C” Turtle. My boyfriend was leaning towards both of those as well so I got the “C” Turtle and he got the Dottie Detox. I absolutely loved both of them! The Dottie Detox had a cool, minty cucumber taste. While the “C” Turtle had a fresh, grapefruit-y, mango flavor. Next time I’m definitely going to try the Get Up And Glow!

    What I also loved about this shop was they are all for supporting other small local businesses. There were paintings and drawings hung up on the walls that were created by local artists, which you could also purchase for yourself. They had a whole shelf filled with business cards and fliers put there by other locals to spread the word of all sorts of amazing small businesses and events! It’s super important for locals to come together and help support each other by doing small gestures like that. Quench Juicery also held a handful of products made by a local company called Minot Trading Company. Minot Trading makes all sorts of natural, handmade soaps and lip balms made of simple ingredients including natural extracts and essential oils. I grabbed the Lemon Verbena Calendula Soap because Calendula is my favorite essential oil. It is so refreshing and calming for the skin. Make sure you check out Minot Trading Company on Facebook to check out all of their products!

  4. Cedar Point

    Finally, we decided to drive up to Lighthouse Drive and go to Cedar Point. Cedar Point is where the Scituate Lighthouse sits at the harbor greating boats coming in! (Soooo I guess this one isn’t technically a “hidden gem” but we’ll just pretend.) It was built back in 1810 and kept by the Bates family. It really was such a beautiful land mark, and I enjoyed reading about the history behind the Scituate Lighthouse as well. 
    We did not get to go inside of the lighthouse as it is not open to the public. However, you can walk around outside of the lighthouse, chill on the giant rocks and enjoy the view looking out into the Atlantic at any time. We hungout on the rocks and watched the waves crash for a little bit until we got cold. There is also a small jetty you can walk out on, but the waves were ginormous from the wind so we didn’t take our chances. It was truly such a beautiful experience to see a lighthouse up close and personal, and witness the open views of the ocean too.

I hope you enjoyed reading up on our adventure through Scituate Harbor! Be sure to leave a comment down below if you’ve ever been, and what your favorite spots are around there.


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