Kevin.Murphy | Quick Wet Hair Styling Routine

If you’re someone like me who is constantly on the go, who likes hittin’ the snooze button a couple times, but still wants to look well put together- you’re probably more of a “let me throw in these two products in my hair and this BB cream and lets go” type of chick. I’m in school Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM, then go to work after until the evening. So in the mornings, I don’t have time to curl or straighten, or really style my hair like I wish I could. Since I started working at the salon, I’ve been exposed to plenty of hair products that help me make my mornings a little quicker.
On my quick mornings that I am showering and running out the door- after jumping out of the shower, I completely comb out my hair gently using a wide tooth comb, or using my WetBrush. (If you haven’t tried a WetBrush… you’re missing out girl.) After that, I grab the Kevin.Murphy KILLER.CURLS. I pump a small amount of this product into my palm and work it into my hair from roots to ends. Then, taking my WetBrush, I’ll brush out my hair one more time to ensure all of my hair is completely saturated with this product. Once I know it’s all saturated, I quickly begin scrunching my hair! (Yeah like, getting ready for the middle school dance in 07′ kind of scrunch… minus slapping in a palm full of your Grampa’s Walmart brand styling gel he uses for his comb over.) This product is a leave-in, anti-frizz, curl defining cream. I scrunch my hair with this product to really activate and define my natural curls in my hair, without adding a gel or a pomade that will leave the curl feeling stiff and unnatural. Since it is infused with Baobab Seed oil and Paraguay Leaf Extract, my curls will retain natural moisture and hold a curl without any nasty frizzing! Once I am satisfied with the curls, I spray the ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY also by Kevin.Murphy, onto my hair from roots to ends. This product is a non-aerosol weightless spray that adds volume and body to all hair types. This is also a heat protectant spray- so I am protecting my hair from any heating tools I may use, it also acts as an SPF for my hair if I am outside in the sun! After that, I’m done and I’m out the door!! After I finish using those two products, I just let my hair air dry- my hair is so effortlessly soft and has a nice, natural wave to it.
If you haven’t heard of Kevin.Murphy, it is a hair color and hair product line. What is so amazing about Kevin.Murphy is that ALL of their products are natural, sulfate, paraben, and cruelty free! As I said in my previous post about My Favorite Organic Shampoo and Conditioner, it’s hard to come across beauty companies that are both all natural while being effective, and Kevin.Murphy is totally one of them! If you’re in the South Shore Massachusetts area and you’re looking for a salon that sells these products- come see me at Plush Hair Design and we can get you started on a Kevin.Murphy hair styling regimen!

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