New England Winter Beach Trips

Everyone’s got their own place on Earth that takes them away from all worries and relieves them of the stress from everyday priorities. Mine has always been the beach.Doesn’t matter what beach. It’s just something about walking along the shore, listening to the waves, stopping to look for sea glass along the way, and feeling the sun against my face, that makes me feel like I’m literally in a whole different world.

I live in New England so the winter months are always too brutal to escape away over to the beach for a few hours. But, spring’s just around the corner and the weather has been a little bit more do-able for beach trips, so I took one last night and this morning.

I love taking beach trips on a day within the last few weeks of winter because it’s the optimal time for finding sea glass.No one’s had the chance to really walk up and down searching, so you typically are able to find more. I found so much pieces of sea glass! I’m stoked about it because I’m working on a lil’ DIY project, not going to spoil it yet though.

I did find a broken piece of a lobster trap on my trip last night, so I decided to create a little dangly earring holder. What’s better than picking up trash and putting it to good use for yourself at home? Not too much!

Anyways- I feel like a giant weight has been lifted off of my shoulders since I was able to spend a good amount of time this weekend at my favorite place to be. It’s a nice sense of relief looking out at horizon, it makes you realize how small we really are in this Universe; our everyday problems seem so insignificant, too.

Brant Rock, Marshfield Massachusetts. 4/8/2017.

Nantasket Beach, Hull Massachusetts. 4/9/2017.


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