Why Jojoba Oil is The Real MVP

Coconut oil’s a pretty cool dude. But have you tried throwing it’s richer, 4.0 GPA, long lost second cousin, jojoba oil, into your beauty regimen instead? Everyone’s raving about coconut oil and it’s benefits, but as an aesthetician, I haven’t rreaaalllyy been able to see why there is such a huge hype. Why? Coconut oil is comedogenic as H-E-L-L, ladies. Comedo- what??? Comedogenic, which means it clogs the pores of your skin faster than you were able to try to pronounce that ‘ish. This is exactly why I’m a ride or die jojoba oil fan. Jojoba oil, on the comedogenic scale, which ranges from 0-5 (5 being the most comedogenic,) it is only a 2. Coconut oil is regularly standing tall at a whopping 4! Comedogenic oils have the tendency to be too heavy on the skin- causing the skin having trouble to breathe, increases aggravation to existing breakouts, acne and blackheads. (Do you still wanna rub coconut oil all over your face to “remove your makeup” after reading that?..) This article isn’t to kill your coconut oil lovin’ vibes, because like I said, coconut oil is a cool dude- it’s chalk full of anti-aging properties, boosts deep moisturizing on less sensitive areas of your body other than your face & blah blah. But, this article is to shed light on a more beneficial alternative, that you are able to use on your body from head to toe without creating build up and clogging your pores.
Jojoba oil is the real MVP. Jojoba-Oil0It is extracted from the jojoba plant which is grown in the south western United States. When jojoba oil is derived down to it’s rawest form, you will get a golden, odorless, liquid, wax. What makes jojoba oil such an amazing oil, unlike most vegetable oils, jojoba’s consistency and chemical structure is almost identical to the natural sebum we have as humans! Since jojoba oil’s molecular structure is very fine, it is able to be easily and quickly absorbed into our skin without clogging our pores- making the oil just mildly noncomedogenic!
We’d be here all day discussing ALL of the benefits of jojoba oil, so I’m just going to go ahead and go into detail about what I personally use jojoba oil for in my day to day beauty routine.

1. Face & Body Moisturizer-

After I shower, I immediately apply jojoba oil to my entire body as a body moisturizer. Doing this directly out of the shower is the best time because your pores are opened from the warm water- giving the jojoba oil an even easier time penetrating your skin. Also, since jojoba oil is more of a liquid wax substance, it is able to better seal in the moisture as well as create a barrier from external elements, such as dirt. What I love the most about using jojoba oil as a moisturizer is, it is quickly absorbed so your skin isn’t left feeling tacky and sticky like most body moisturizers/body butters do. Jojoba oil has also been clinically proven to reduce early signs of aging & wrinkles! I will use this as a face moisturizer once or twice a week and leave it on throughout the night. Again, jojoba oil is naturally quickly absorbed into your skin so it does not feel like a thick layer of heavy oil was just slapped onto your face.

2. Hair Regrowth/Strengthening & Scalp Treatment-

The minute I get into the shower, I use jojoba oil as a treatment. I have been working hard to let allow my hair to grow- so I have been doing this for almost three weeks now. I have truly noticed a huge difference in the overall integrity of my hair. The elasticity is so much stronger, and the texture of my hair feels so much healthier and hydrated rather than dry, frizzy and brittle like it was before. Using jojoba oil on your hair will not leave your scalp oily for 4 days like it does when you use coconut oil, this goes right back to the fact that jojoba oil has the same molecular structure as our natural sebum as humans, so it is easily absorbed directly into the scalp. During the winter, my scalp tends to get very dry in a couple small spots on my scalp. Whattaya know? Jojoba oil has also solved that problem for me as well. (Which I was wicked effin’ excited about because NO ONE enjoys a dry, itchy scalp… we’re already weather depressed, 6 pounds heavier from binge eating junk food & pathetically broke from the winter so we don’t need a flakey, dry scalp thrown into the mix, ya feel me?) Most dandruff/dry scalp shampoos consist of zinc and selenium as a relieving treatment- but, jojoba oil is FILLED with both of those materials naturally, without all the chemicals/parabens soooo who’s really winning here? Here’s how I use the jojoba oil for my hair in the shower-

  • Completely damp hair with warm water.
  • Take desired amount of jojoba oil and apply it to your hair from roots to ends. I have a big, wide tooth comb in my shower that I will use to comb the product out to ensure that every inch is saturated with jojoba oil.
  • I usually take one more small pump and apply it directly to my entire scalp and massage it gently in circular motions for about 3 minutes, this will stimulate oxygen supply in your skin and boosts your blood circulation to the hair follicles- which promotes hair growth and prevents hair loss. I NEVER skip this step. Not only is it great for you, it’s proven to be a little stress relievin’ treat.
  • I allow the jojoba oil to sit for about 15-20 minutes while I cleanse my face, wash, shave, etc.
  • After the allotted time has passed, simply rinse out the jojoba oil and shampoo then condition as normal!

3. Cuticle Oil-

I love, love, love using a little bit of jojoba oil as a quick and easy cuticle oil. I keep up with my nails every week by myself at home- so I will put a tiny dot of jojoba oil on all of my fingers and massage it into my nail. Massaging your nail beds improves blood circulation, making your nails grow faster and stronger- so this step is vital regardless if you use jojoba oil or not! When I use the jojoba oil, my cuticles are so much easier to push back and my fingers feel super hydrated.

4. Eczema-

I mainly get eczema break outs on my legs and elbow area. For those of you who don’t know what eczema actually is, it’s basically an allergic reaction of the skin to various amounts of irritants, including dyes and chemicals contained in soaps, body moisturizers, laundry detergents, perfume, etc. That list is endless. Your skin is your body’s first layer of defense towards toxic materials, so it can get hit hard when it’s sensitive to different chemicals. Eczema is characterized as a dry, itchy patch of skin that are prone to secondary bacterial and fungal infections. I have found that jojoba oil has been EXTREMELY effective in relieving my eczema, mainly because it is an all natural oil free of all of those things that cause eczema break outs. Jojoba oil has major anti-inflammatory properties to it, causing the inflammation and redness of the break outs to be reduced drastically, as well as anti-oxidant properties that may actually help modify the immune system. I will apply the jojoba oil directly out of the shower while my pores are open and clean!

5. Carrier Oil for Essential Oils-

I’m like 105% an essential oils freak. I learned all about holistic practices using essential oils in my aesthetician school, and ever since then I have been a firm believer that everything can be cured using essential oils. Zit? Tea tree. Drowsy? Lemongrass. Congested? Peppermint/eucalyptus. Boyfriend actin’ up n’ you feelin’ stressed? Lavender. However, you cannot just use an essential oil directly on your skin. You need a carrier oil to dilute the essential oil in so it is not so harsh and drying on your skin. I particularly love using jojoba oil as a carrier oil over sweet almond or grapeseed oil, because.. again.. it mixes naturally with our skin’s natural sebum- which allows it to penetrate deeply, carrying the essential oil right down into the skin with it. Also, jojoba oil has an indefinite shelf life. It will not oxidize or turn rancid, lengthening the shelf life of the essential oil mixes you personalize.

pnznkqgsrgw4tx0qdpxrFun fact: jojoba oil was used primarily by Native Americans way back when for skin and hair care- and they even used the nut as a whole for a survival food incase of emergencies! They knew what was up. (I’ve actually been told I was a Native American in my past life so this may be why I love this golden magic wax so much TBH.) So there’s a few reasons why I’m in a committed relationship with the real MVP, jojoba oil. I hope this influences someone to start using this in their day to day routine! Do you already use it!? What are your favorite uses/benefits you get from it? Leave it down in the comment box!


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