“We Were Not Put On Earth To Pay Bills & Die.”

I have finally decided to begin blogging again. (Yup, again.) A couple years back I created my very first beauty blog called “MRM Cosmetics.” I had so much fun writing solely about all the latest beauty trends, step by step how-to makeup tutorials, and reviews on the newest products I was raving about that week. I got very uninspired and eventually stopped blogging, not because I did not enjoy it- but because I just could not find the time, as I was working in a management position during the day, working another part-time job after that, as well as being enrolled in an aesthetics school until 10:00 PM 3 nights a week. In other words, looking back at myself now, I’d like to self proclaim myself as a “hot mess.”

I’ve thought back to my day to day routine frequently the past year or so, comparing myself to who I am now, and realizing how miserable of a person I was from constantly exerting my energy into things that were actually bringing me down and stressing me out. I thought that’s how life worked, though- you work your ass off to make money to survive, even if what you were doing did not serve your greatest good. Thankfully, I now know that is not by any means the way life should be lived. (Don’t get me wrong, I loved being in esthetician school, I just now wish I gave myself the chance to CHILL.) But, instead of letting it put a giant damper on the now- I have learned to weigh out the pros and cons of my old hectic lifestyle, and take the positives out of the negatives. At 22 years old, I have a grasp on how to manage a business, I have amazing self taught skills in marketing/promotion (which I find to be SO much fun, but we’ll save that for another blog post) .. I learned so much vital information about the human skin, how important it is to take care of yourself internally and externally, I have knowledge on holistic remedies for the mind, body & spirit, I’ve learned when the appropriate time to say “no” is, and most importantly- life is not about working yourself so much until you become miserable.

Fast forward to now- I am in school full time in a cosmetology school, working at a salon with a group of amazing women who inspire me every day to better myself and my skills. Life’s good! I am genuinely happy. I am doing what I absolutely love everyday- expressing myself through the artistry of makeup, as well as making women feel more beautiful through other beauty services. Am I tired? YUP. That’s natural, the key to being tired, though, is giving yourself the time to relax- not give up. I am by no means working as much as I plan on due to my school schedule being Monday through Friday 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM- but, that will change soon because I am finally ALMOST done with school! For the first time in forever, I am so excited to see what my future brings because of the amazing support group I have, and because I am actually pursuing a career in doing something that I absolutely love, while being able to express my creativity. It’s the best of both worlds!
However, just because I am passionate about my career, my life is by no means ALL about makeup products, eyelash extensions, what primer I used on my face today, and knowing what a MAC 217 brushes’ use is. I have learned that it is so important to go out of your way to take a break and practice self-love; take a break and go for a walk by yourself, buy yourself a donut everyday after school for completing 5 grades in one day, compulsively buy a pair of those $75 shoes you’ve been eyeing for months, book the flight to go see your favorite bands for a weekend to get away with the man you love the most. Life is all about balance- it is so valuable and precious.
That being said, I am going out of my way to give myself some time every week to do a lil’ hobby that gets the clutter outa my head- starting my blog all over again! This time with a little extra (because I am a lil extra sometimes, but its fine.) I hope my readers enjoy this new journey with me as I organize my thoughts into blog posts- whether it is about my makeup artistry, a review on that new foundation on the shelf at Sephora, or even about my newest favorite reggae album that just came out, my experiences traveling, or just as simple as my morning convos with my boyfriend.

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