5 Lies Your Nail Tech Probably Told You About Eyelash Extensions

Unfortunately, not everyone was blessed with long, thick, beautiful natural eyelashes. Since I was about 13 I have been caking on that mascara to only end up with spidery, clumpy eyelashes- even some breakage due to that evil eyelash curler. The past few years, thankfully, us ladies have been blessed with this lil’ thing called eyelash extensions. Eyelash extensions are an amazing, totally safe service as long as it is performed by a licensed and professionally trained specialist. As a certified eyelash extension artist, I have seen my fair share of horrific full sets come through that salon door which a huge majority of these horror stories come from getting their eyelashes done at a nail salon. Don’t get me wrong!! Nail salons and nail spas are amazing places, to get your nails and toes done, of course. After discussing this topic with many professionals, as well as many clients, I felt that it was necessary to shed some light on this ongoing issue of unprofessionals performing eyelash extensions on the public.
  1. “You don’t need to be licensed to offer eyelash extensions.”

    Speaking for the state of Massachusetts- state regulations explains that eyelash extension services may not be performed in any salon unless you are licensed in one of the following professions: cosmetology or an aesthetician. This clearly does not include barbers or nail technicians. In order to be successfully trained in eyelash extensions, you must be certified through a company to ensure you are able to safely perform this service. If you are not a licensed cosmetologist or aesthetician, you will not be able to partake in the course. So, if the “specialist” is not licensed in the state, they cannot be professionally certified either. Long story short, they have not been professionally trained hands on to work with pharmaceutical grade adhesive, putting your skin and eyes at a huge risk. The eyelash extension procedure requires very precise, accurate movements directly around the eye area, which is not only very sensitive, but it’s obviously very important.

  2. “You can wear mascara with eyelash extensions.”

    Yes and no. You can wear mascara on top of the lash extensions as long as the mascara is a 100% water based mascara. However, this puts your lashes at risk for dirt & oil build up so you need to be really on top of maintaining your lashes by cleaning them thoroughly every morning and night with a proper eyelash extension cleanser. If the mascara is not 100% water-based, the oils and waxes in the oil-based or waterproof mascara will completely dissolve the bonding agent in the eyelash extension adhesive- causing the life span of your extensions to shorten drastically. Personally, I don’t recommend using any mascara on top of eyelash extensions.

  3. “We use a special eyelash adhesive made specifically for eyelash extensions.”

    One of the most terrifying stories I’ve heard about a client going to a nail salon to get a set of eyelash extensions was that she came to find the nail tech who performed the lash service, actually used NAIL GLUE to apply the extensions, causing her to break out with a terrible allergic reaction, along with losing a ton of her natural lashes due to the nail glue clumping together and breaking her natural lashes. Now, this does not happen at every nail salon- but I have heard this horror story a hand full of times. This relates right back to point #1 listed above, since they are not Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 9.55.19 PMlicensed/certified through an eyelash extension company- they are unable
    to purchase eyelash extension adhesive. So, their last resort- use nail glue. I won’t lie, the adhesive and the nail glue smell very, very similar; but if you are a specialist, you will know that the ingredients in both adhesives are polar opposite in regards to the consistency, the optimality of humidity and over all drying time. If the person performing the eyelash extensions is not 100% familiar with the adhesive, it can cause long term damage to your eyelids, eyelashes or even stunt the growth of your lashes permanently. The photo to the right shows what extensions will look like if they are removed from your natural lashes after a “specialist” applied too much adhesive.

  4. “Eyelash extensions require no maintenance!”

    Wrong. (Donald Trump voice.) Out of conversation with acquaintances who have eyelash extensions- I can’t tell you the amount of times I have heard that they were told that there was no at home maintenance required to care for their extensions. First and foremost, combing out your eyelashes everyday is the most important step to be added into your daily routine. Your everyday movements have a huge impact on the way your lashes twist and turn. If you are not combing out your lashes, they will look a little crazy and unnatural as well as potentially getting caught in one another or rip out. All eyelash clients should be also cleansing your lashes with the proper cleanser suggested by your professional lash artist. (Cleanser differs depending on lash line.) This removes any build up of dirt, makeup, oil and reduces the chances of inflammation and damaging your natural lashes due to infection.

  5. “We offer handmade volume fans for volume sets for a lot cheaper than your local lash salon.”

    Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 9.54.57 PM.pngVolume eyelash extensions require a precise hand by creating fan structures with individual eyelash extensions. This requires proper training, separate from your typical basic eyelash extension certification course. It’s an upgrade from your classic sets because it gives the client more fullness and thickness to the lashes than classic sets typically do. 90% of the untrained people offering volume sets cheat their way out by purchasing premade fans which tend to be very bulky, irritating and fake looking. Not only that, but they will take those premade fans and apply them ontop of multiple natural eyelashes at a time causing the lashes to literally clump together from too much glue, further more, causing MAJOR breakage to the natural lashes. The photo to the left is a photo of a client I had asked me to fix this “volume set” she received from a nail salon near her college- as you can see, there are huge clusters of those premade fans along with painful clumps of adhesive.

Before booking your initial appointment with ANYONE offering eyelash extension services, please do yourself and your sweet lil’ lashes a favor and do your research. Ask the technician if they have photos of their work, what company they are certified with, if they offer patch tests with their eyelash extension adhesive, etc. If after asking questions, you don’t feel comfortable- move onto the next salon! Work your way around, ask friends, look online. Your eyelashes can and will be permanently damaged if you are not super cautious about who you allow to perform these services on you.

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